Requirements to relocate to France


The requirements to settle in France depend on your nationality, family situation, professional project, and the duration of your stay. 

Below are requirements to relocate to France

  1. Valid passport: This is an essential document that you will need to travel to and enter France. Ensure that your passport is up to date and will be valid for the duration of your stay in France.


  1. Visa: Depending on your nationality, you may need a visa to enter France. The type of visa required (tourist, work, study, etc.) will depend on the purpose of your visit and your nationality.

If you are a national of a third-country, you need to obtain a long-stay visa serving as a residence permit (VLS-TS) before coming to France. 

The type of visa depends on your reason for staying: studies, work, family reunification, etc. 


You will also need to validate your visa online within three months of your arrival and apply for a temporary or multi-year residence card depending on your situation.

  1. Work or residence permit: If you are planning to work or live in France, you will need to obtain the appropriate work or residence permit. This may require sponsorship from an employer or proof of sufficient funds if you are self-employed or retired.
  1. Proof of financial means: You may be required to show proof of sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay in France. This could include bank statements, a letter from your employer, or other financial documentation.
  1. Health insurance: It’s important to have health insurance coverage while living in France. If you are employed, your employer may provide health insurance, or you may need to arrange for private health insurance coverage.
  1. French language proficiency: While not always a strict requirement, having a basic understanding of the French language can be incredibly helpful when navigating daily life in France. Many official documents and procedures are in French, so being able to communicate in French can make your transition smoother.
  1. Proof of accommodation: You will need to provide proof of accommodation in France, whether it’s a rental agreement, hotel reservation, or a letter of invitation from a host.
  1. Criminal record check: Some visas or residency permits may require a criminal record check to ensure that you do not have a criminal history that would make you inadmissible to France.
  1. Proof of employment or enrollment: If you are moving to France for work or study, you will need to provide evidence of your employment or enrollment at an educational institution.

If you are a national of a European Union country, the European Economic Area or Switzerland, you do not need a visa or a residence permit to enter and live in France. 

You have the right to work or start a business without restrictions and after five years, you can apply for a permanent residence card.

If you want to create or take over a business in France, you may qualify for the “Talent Passport – Economically Innovative Entrepreneur” status, which allows you to obtain a four-year multi-year residence card. 

You will need to demonstrate an innovative economic project recognized by a public body, a master’s degree or equivalent, and sufficient financial resources. 

These are the main requirements for relocating to France. 


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